Get The Best VPN Deal With Hidemyass.com Summer Special

The summer if sport has just began with the Olympics finally gracing the world.  However, billions of people from all over the world cannot watch the Olympic games but with VPN, they can now do so.  There cannot be any better way to celebrate this than getting a very special deal from Hide My Ass.  Any new and existing customer can now enjoy fantastic deals of savings up to thirty six percent and a convenient way to watch the 2012 Olympic games

Hidemyass.com Price Dropped For a Short Time.  That is right, the summer of sports is just beginning and VPN specialists Hide My Ass have come up with another special deal for all of their customers.  They are cutting their prices down – yes – cutting their prices meaning customers can save anywhere from 13% to 36%.  Hide My Ass now offers new prices for all of their monthly deals with it starting from nine dollars and ninety nine cent which is an original saving of thirteen percent.

Hidemyass.com Summer Special

However, if the six month package was chosen, they could save twenty one percent.  The old price of fifty dollars has been cut down to thirty nine dollars which is a very impressive amount but it doesn’t stop there.  For the twelve month package, instead of paying seventy eight dollars and change, it only costs fifty nine dollars and change.

This is truly amazing and since the 2012 Olympic games started today, Hide My Ass have pulled out all of the stops in making sure all of their customers can now watch their favourite events from the Olympics.  They exclusively offer UK VPN which means their customers can get their hands on a local IP address and can watch coverage of the Olympic games.  All of these offers start from today the 27th of July and lasts right until the 12th of August!You can visit here for more details.

Get the Best Deal at Hidemyass.com

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