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Internet Protocol address is a unique identification number which would indicate the current location of the internet user. Every single internet user would possess a unique IP address and it would never be the same for two internet users. How to hide my location on internet query would be answered with clear descriptions through this article. There are two ways using which, users can hide their IP address, one is through the well-known and most beneficial VPN network and the other is by a proxy server.

Why to hide my location on internet

Restrictions such as internet censorship and geo restrictions would be placed on websites which would prevent them from streaming their contents to certain parts of the world. All these restrictions would be based on the IP address of the internet user. If the user is found to be accessing a particular website from outside the limit within which the website is streamed, then the access would be denied immediately. For example, US Netflix would not be available for those who try to access the site from UK or other countries. Thus, for these users to gain access, they should hide their IP address. In this case, UK based visitors should hide their IP address with an US IP address. Now, if they try to access the same website, they would be granted access since the location of the visitor would be indicated as US and so the website would allow access.

Virtual Private Network to hide my location on internet

A VPN service would hide the original IP address of the user and replace it with the IP address with respect to the server chosen by the user. Popular VPN service providers possess servers operating out of more than 30 to 40 countries as well and so the user can select the server to which they would like to connect to and the IP address pertaining to the server location would hide the original IP. If a Canada based user wants to view contents of US, he or she should select US server and similarly, if they want to view UK based websites, then they should select a UK server. Now, readers would have understood the concept behind the process to hide my location on internet. This particular scenario is with respect to those who want to access certain websites outside their accessibility zone.

Hide my location on internet for businesses

Business organizations, owners and employees would be in need of a secure network for accessing sites and also communicating with other business units. Business data sent via email and communications that might occur via video conferencing might be tapped by hackers, snoopers, frauds etc. In order to prevent such a problem from occurring, businesses seem to make use of VPNs which provide security and anonymity for the users. VPNs operate based on encryption protocols. High level of data encryption would mean high level of security. Tunnel based network would offer greater security to the data that gets transmitted through the network. Thus, business data that get transferred would be secured and safe from prying hands. Tourists who travel on vacation might be in need of performing banking transactions on their local bank account and it can be performed securely only using a VPN.

Packages offered by VPNs would differ and so it is essential to choose a VPN service provider which would meet the needs of the individual or the business. There should not be any compromise in choosing a VPN service and it is necessary to stay at par. Price should meet the benefits as well.

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Proxies to hide my location on internet

Proxy servers can also be used to hide my location on internet. Once the user connects to a proxy server and accesses a website, his or her request would be handled by the proxy server and this act would hide the IP address of the user. But the security level would be very less when compared to a VPN network. This is the reason why most users would be opting for a VPN service instead of proxies. Proxy servers come for free of cost and one can connect to it quite easily. Internet users would now be aware of how to hide my location on internet.

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