Why Using a Free Proxy Can Be a Bad Idea

Considering using a free proxy service instead of a Virtual Private Network because of the cost, then you need all the information you can gather. While free proxy services are better than surfing the web over the standard connection, using a free proxy can be a bad idea.

What is a Proxy?

A web proxy is a gateway that lets you be something or somewhere while on the Internet. Proxies rewrite some of your information provided to tracking software. By doing this, you have more Internet privacy than you receive from your local ISP. The main service a proxy offers is hiding your IP and your destination when traveling around the web. Look a few of the things a web proxy will do for you:

  • Lets you access SEO websites from another country
  • Bypasses some workplace censoring software, but is limited
  • Allows you to visit websites without leaving a trace you were on that particular site

A proxy simple sends your traffic through a door, or gateway, and this door rewrites your information to block your actual information. Websites that you visit believe that you are going on their sites from a proxy service, not your actual server.

The Bad Idea

Here in lies the problem with a free proxy. Since a proxy acts like a door, the proxy still sees everything you are doing and where you are located. Here is some of the information a proxy will see:

  • Browser name and version
  • Your applications you have
  • Operating system
  • Screen resolution
  • Browser language

Even though this does not seem to be important information, it can be important to people who know how to use this information. As you see, there is a lot more information revealed than just your IP address. This type of information is enough for a hacker to steal anything they need from your computer or watch what you are doing while in cyber space.


Since a free proxy needs to see everything you are doing to operate properly, anytime you enter your bank account information, credit card information, email user name and password or other personal information, a hacker has all of this information available when they hack into your proxy server. They can then steal your identity and empty your accounts, leaving you without any funds and ruining your credit.

Using a VPN Instead of a Free Proxy

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) instead of a free proxy eliminates any of the problems you encounter with a proxy service. Your traffic is encrypted, your IP address hidden, access to any website around the world is available and governments, hackers or SEO sites can restrict your access. Not only is using free proxy can be a bad idea, finding a quality and affordable VPN is the excellent alternative.

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