ExpressVPN on the Asia VPN Boom

GlobalWebIndex reported at the end of January that Asia is the biggest VPN user in the world. 80% of all countries who use VPNs heavily are located on that continent. And the main reason for VPN use was stated as being privacy from the government.

VPNs and Government Interference

Governments around the world have been taking greater steps to monitor Internet users’ activities. So it makes sense that more Internet users are using VPN services to protect their privacy. In Asia, where web censorship is a common practice, many users turn to VPNs to circumvent content blocks. And they choose VPNs like ExpressVPN because they want these strong tools that can hide their activities from their governments.

Only 28% if the Internet users surveyed admitted that they used VPNs. This is probably not an accurate tally because many VPN users would rather not admit that they have access to these tools. Nevertheless, it is still clear that the most avid VPN users are in Asia. The top VPN using countries according to those surveyed are India, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Turkey, in that order. Internet users in these five countries suffer under some of the harshest government controls in the world. Many websites are banned in India, but most Indians are interested in reading a lot of content from around the world. The list of banned websites is the longest in China, but many satisfy themselves with the local government approved alternatives. In Thailand and Vietnam, Internet users have gone to jail because of social media and blog posts that their governments didn’t like. Strong VPNs like ExpressVPN are clearly much needed tools in these countries because of the dangers that free thinkers there face.

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