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There are a lot of mobile attacks these days, and more and more, mobile devices contain a lot of personal and sensitive information. It is important to know what these threats are, and how to protect yourself with the ExpressVPN and a few Android and iOS settings.

Lost or Stolen Devices

If your device is lost or stolen, you are at high risk of a data breach. Your email, account usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, contacts, WiFi accounts, call history, and files. Apps like Facebook, Amazon and Google Wallet and your browser can be set to automatically record this information. The thief will have direct access to your accounts in this case. It is convenient for you, but very dangerous if your phone is lost or stolen. Keep track of all your accounts and the information stored there and reset everything immediately.

Leaky Apps, Phishing and Spyware

Apps are notorious for leaking user data. And they also have a lot of features that put users at high risk as well. Apps can share your location, access your contacts and SMS, and much more. Make sure you check that your apps are not doing things that they don’t need to do. Never download from unverified sites, and always connect your ExpressVPN before you begin browsing. Apps are also designed to look like legitimate apps. But they are not what they seem to be. They are malicious software made to steal data like passwords and credit card numbers. Be very careful also with emails and text messages. They may look legitimate but are not when you look closely. Again, always connect to ExpressVPN before you browse the Internet and use tools like McAfee Site Advisor to protect you from malicious websites that spread spyware. This prevents thieves from logging your keystrokes, and recording contact and financial information.

Network Spoofing

Don’t connect to free WiFi hotspots that you are not familiar with. These networks could be copies of common networks that a lot of people trust. Make sure a website uses SSL encryption before you enter sensitive information. And connect to ExpressVPN to protect your IP address when you sign into your accounts. Especially when using unsecured networks, make sure you are connected to ExpressVPN because this will protect your website traffic from snooping.


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