ExpressVPN and Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has all but replaced the different forms of local storage. It is much more convenient, and this is the main reason why it has become more popular. But the increses in online crime and data snooping has raised the question whether cloud storage is secure. Privacy was the number one topic last year for a reason. But cloud storage users do not need to worry so much when they choose a reliable service and use a strong VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

Convenient Cloud Storage

It is very convenient for people to have a cloud where all their files can be accessed. There is no more need for carrying around chunky hard drives. Or for crowding their laptop memory with all the files they need for work and personal use. It is even more useful for people who are traveling and really cannot bring heavy things around. All they need is an Internet connection and they can access any file they want, from anywhere they are. It also allows people more time and freedom because they don’t need to be constantly sorting ad reorganizing files on portable devices like mobile phones and flash drives.

Convenient Cloud Storage

People need to be able to trust their storage. When files were regularly stored on local drives, there was less concern over data security. And since cloud storage was so reasonably priced and even offered free storage up to a certain amount, people loved it. But with the Internet comes many dangers. And cloud storage is not immune to those dangers. When people found out the extent of online privacy threats, they began to also realize their need for Privacy tools like VPNs. Strong VPNs that use high encryption levels are important for securing the data sent to and from clouds. But the cloud itself must provide high security against breaches. If you have a secure cloud and a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can take full advantage of cloud storage and not worry about data security. The cloud takes care of your stored data, and ExpressVPN secures it as it travels to and from the user’s computer. With strong encryption and private tunneling, ExpressVPN makes sure no one else can read or intercept the files that you are uploading and downloading.


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