How to Access /Download Skype in UAE

UAE can easily be given the title of the trade center of the Arab world. It has some of the most progressive and technologically advanced cities of the world. Since UAE is a major player in the oil market of the world, it has a very strong economy. This economy is further strengthened by a variety of other domestic businesses like construction, banking and entertainment. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha are some of the major cities of UAE that have offices of almost all big business giants around the world. Unlike other Arab countries, UAE has adopted more liberal policies and has gained a favorable place among the preferred countries for business with the European and US businessmen as well.

UAE: Liberal Economy But a Restricted Internet!

Although UAE is a liberal country that has given its citizens access to almost any luxury that exists worldwide, its internet policies have always been criticized by locals as well as international businessmen. However, UAE government has refused to make any changes so that its telecom infrastructure can benefit the most from these restrictions. One of the most criticized restrictions is of Skype. Skype has been blocked by the UAE government so that people use local telecom infrastructure.

Ban on Skype and The Real Reason Behind It!

Skype is one of the most used internet tools that operate on the basis of VOIP. It helps netizens to communicate over long distances by using the internet. It has options for audio as well as video calls. Recently Skype has introduced a new feature that lets users call phones directly from their PC. This technology is seen as a threat by the Du Telecom, which is the primary telecom operator in the UAE. It is also said that it has a “Du-poly” over the telecom industry in the UAE. Du thinks that if people start to use Skype for making long distance calls, the use of phone will be reduced and as a result financial losses will be faced by the company. Although UAE government claims that they only block content that is not is consistency with the “moral and social” values of the country but this ban certainly proves this to be wrong.

skype in uae

Access Skype in UAE by Using a VPN Service!

Fortunately, we have good news for all the Internet users in UAE regarding the ban on Skype in the country. Now you can easily evade this ban by using a VPN connection. As many of you will already know that VPN operates by changing your IP address and encrypting your data, so it will be able to help you in changing the IP address of UAE and hence making Skype available for you. Since all of your outgoing data will be encrypted, no telecom operator will be able to see that you are actually using Skype. In this way you will be able to bypass the restriction on Skype and also on all other online websites and services.

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