4G Will Be Widespread In the UK

4G, it is set to become huge in Great Britain before the end of 2012 or so OfCom wants anyway.  If this happens, it is unknown as yet but they have tried to get things started and get the entire of the popular of Britain to use 4G with their mobiles.  Smart phones are some of the biggest pieces of technology in the UK right now but very few uses 4G, though it seems the push for this will come thick and fast – especially over the next few months.

There have been many plans for 4G by OfCom and they have been trying to make this look more favorable in most consumers’ eyes.  However, they expect eighty percent of people to be using 4G by Christmas, which is a lot more than with 3G users when launched back in 2000 so expectations are high right now.  If millions of people across the UK are using 4G, it will mean that there are at least ninety eight percent of all cities, towns and rural areas in the country which have access to the web.  This creates more advantages for consumers and citizens or so OfCom claim.

Though, it is thought that OfCom won’t be using all of its reserves at once and that a new wholesaler option could be used.  This will not be the works of any of the top three mobile operators however so it will be very interesting to see who will be used as the new national wholesaler instead.  Many say it could be Hutchison 3G but then again, the possibilities are endless and it will be a surprise who is chosen if it’s not Hutchison 3G.

There will be two options for 4G, at least two anywhere, whether they will be more, it’s too early to tell.  However, for the moment, there will be the 2.6 GHZ option and the 800 MHZ option.  The first, 2.6 GHZ is supposed to help the digital community and for a widespread coverage plan but the other will be better for those looking for quicker speeds.

It is thought that in the next five years or so, every household will have mobile broadband which they could use at home with a perfect rating of almost ninety nine percent.  There should be a lot of hype over 4G and it is going to be soon be available to most users within the next year or so but OfCom doesn’t want it to be any later than 2013 if not sooner.

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