4 Reasons to Choose a VPN with Multiple IP Addresses

Your IP address is the identifying mark that your computer offers to the virtual world in general to pinpoint your location and differentiate it from every other internet-enabled device in the world. It’s essentially the postal address for your computer – were there such a thing as a digital postman, he would use it to find your computer’s mail box.

A Virtual Private Network is designed to hide your IP address, allowing you to browse the internet without telling everyone you encounter who and what you are. If you want true and pure anonymity, it’s best to choose a VPN that offers multiple IP addresses. There are more reasons to choose a VPN with multiple IP addresses aside from the greatest possible anonymity, too:

 1- To Maintain Privacy Within Your Network

To ensure that no third-party intruder can intervene in your network and sneak a peek at the sensitive documents within it, a VPN that offers multiple IP addresses will offer increased levels of privacy over single IP address alternatives.

2- To Access an IP Address From Another Country

 If you’re interested in using your VPN to access television programming back home while you’re away for business or pleasure, you’ll find that a VPN offering multiple IP addresses will almost certainly be able to connect to a server within your home country by using an IP address from that country. A helpful option if you really can’t wait to get home to find out what the characters on your favorite show have been getting up to – also very helpful wherever you are in the world if you want to access a website that’s normally blocked in your country.

  3-  To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

 With multiple IP addresses at your fingertips, you can add a new employee to your network with the minimum of hassle. Company members who regularly work remotely will want to take advantage of the security of your VPN to send sensitive documents and work that your competitors would just love to get their hands on. Adding a new person allows your business to grow more easily by making it possible to add them to the VPN and get them started working collaboratively right away. It also helps you keep track of all your employees and what work they’ve been doing.

 4- To Send Bulk Emails

If bulk emailing is part of your business marketing plan, you may have already encountered a situation where your IP address has been tracked and blocked for sending more emails than the permissible limit. With multiple IP addresses, your VPN can ensure this is never a problem again.

4 reasons to choose a Virtual Private Network with Multiple IP Addresses

Virtual Private Networks have so many advantages, whether they offer single or multiple IP addresses. But if you want to use your network to keep up with your shows, access websites normally out of your reach or set up a thriving and successful business network, it’s a good idea to invest in a VPN that can smooth your path with multiple IP addresses.

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